BOMA Memphis has represented the interests of the commercial real estate industry through leadership, education, advocacy, information and networking.

Now more than ever, membership in BOMA is vital to your professional success and company’s economic well-being. As the industry’s number one business solutions provider and support network, BOMA provides a tremendous return on your dues dollar investment. Each benefit impacts positively on your company’s bottom line and operating strategy

Principal Member - Tiered

Principal Members are Individuals who are involved in the ownership, management, leasing or development of real estate such as office, corporate, governmental, medical, educational, industrial, cultural/sporting, retail, financial, religious, manufacturing, warehousing, multi-unit residential, and mixed use facilities and other real estate properties acceptable to the Board of Directors. Members of this category are automatically members of BOMA International. Includes all luncheons, membership in BOMA Memphis, BOMA Southern Region, and BOMA International.

Principal Member Dues:

  • Principal Member - $575.00
  • Principal Additional (3 or more) - $550.00
  • Government - $525.00

Principal Members consist of:

  • Owners
  • Investors
  • Developers
  • Brokers/Leasing Agents
  • Managers and Assistant Managers (Including but not limited to: Property; Building; Asset; Operations; Regional; General; Real Estate; Portfolio; and Facility)
  • Building/Facility Engineers (Senior, Chief, Lead or other titles conveying similar function, status, authority, etc.) that are not contracted employees; must be associated with a Principal Member in the management of real estate 

Associate Member - $1,375.00

Associate Members are individuals who provide a product or service to the real estate industry. In addition to vendors and suppliers of real estate products and services, associate members may also include individuals from company/firms providing legal, accounting, engineering, banking, insurance, and architectural services. Please note, Membership is limited to a 50:50 ratio of Principal Members and Associates. Includes all luncheons, membership in BOMA Memphis, BOMA Southern Region, and BOMA International.


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